Sunset for a Friend, 2019, 12″ x 24″

Diane G. Kell is an acrylic painter of Southwest landscapes and cloudscapes. She grew up in the Midwest and South, left for college in New England, graduated from Brown (A.B. Art History), then lived in Massachusetts during a long career as an educational researcher.

Diane moved to Santa Fe in 2001 with her first husband and was quickly captivated by the region’s beautiful skies. Her husband became ill and passed away three years later. Diane says she stayed in Santa Fe because the wonder of New Mexico skies lifted her spirits.

She says, I love the sky in all its manifestations: clear blue, piled high with puffy white clouds, marbled with swirls of feathery translucence, spectacular at sunset, purple with monsoon rains, lit with lightning. This ever-changing sky makes me very happy.

As an artist I hope to bring that happiness to others. I imagine them waking to a sunrise feeling hopeful, seeing promise in a rainbow, wandering among clouds, feeling transcendent in sunset glow. If a painting holds my gaze and I feel joy, peace or wonder, then I believe others will feel it, too.

Diane joined the Santa Fe Society of Artists in 2018 and participates in their outdoor shows near the old Santa Fe plaza nearly every weekend, mid-April to mid-October.

All works shown here are original acrylic paintings. Most are on cradled canvas with painted edges. Some are on cradled or framed panels, as noted in captions. The prices shown include New Mexico’s gross receipts tax. Packing and shipping, if needed, are extra.

Diane accepts commissions. Please ask!