I’m living a new life, reborn as an artist in Santa Fe.

This new life followed childhood in Michigan, then Atlanta, Tampa, and New Orleans; college at Brown University; a long stretch in the Boston metropolitan area as an educational researcher; starting a doctoral program and completing a master’s degree at Harvard; and, with the greatest happiness, marrying and being a mother.

I left my first career in 1996 and started painting while joining my husband for months at a time as he worked in Europe and then Brazil. We came to Santa Fe in 2001. He was still traveling as a consultant but looking forward to retirement, and I began a second career as a gallery administrator and marketing coordinator.

I stayed in New Mexico after my husband passed away because the sky lifted my spirits. Now, as an artist, I try to do the same for others. I imagine them waking to a sunrise feeling hopeful, seeing promise in a rainbow, relaxing in sunset glow and wandering among clouds.

I love all varieties of sky: clear blue, piled high with billowing clouds, marbled with swirls of feathery translucence, purple with monsoon rains. If a painting holds my gaze for a long time and I feel joy, peace or wonder, then I hope others will feel it, too.

My new life includes a second marriage and ten years as a foster parent to New Mexico youth. I could never have expected or hoped for this, but it is all good.