Diane G. Kell was born in May 1950, in East Lansing, Michigan, and lived as a child in Niles and St. Joseph, Michigan, then Atlanta and Tampa. She received her bachelor’s in Art History from Brown University in 1972 and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she unexpectedly happened onto a 24-year career in social research.

Ms. Kell left her first career in 1996 to focus on family, travel and art. While living part-time in France, Switzerland and Brazil, she developed herself as a watercolor artist and her work was included in a number of juried watercolor competitions.

In 2001, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and began a 10-year career as a gallery administrator and marketing coordinator. During this time, her first husband died, and she met and married her second husband. With him, she became a foster parent and still working full-time had little time for painting.

She restarted her art career in 2013, this time with acrylic paints on canvas, and also began focusing her paintings on skyscapes. Ms. Kell is inspired by early modern landscape painters and by contemporary artists whose work she promoted for galleries. Chief among the latter are Bernard Chaet, Darren Vigil Gray, Woody Gwyn, Daniel Morper, Forrest Moses, and Sam Scott.