Born in East Lansing, Michigan, I lived as a child in Niles and St. Joseph, Michigan, then Atlanta and Tampa. I attended college in Providence, Rhode Island, as my family moved first to New Orleans and then Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1972 I received my bachelor’s in Art History from Brown University and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I unexpectedly happened onto a 24-year career in social and educational research.

I left my first career in 1996 to focus on family, travel and art. Accompanying my husband on his work assignments in France, Switzerland and Brazil, I became a watercolor artist specializing in portraits and still life. In 2001, I moved with my husband and daughter to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and began a 10-year career as a gallery administrator and marketing coordinator. I lost my first husband in 2004 and married my second husband in 2007. With him, I became a foster parent and had little time for painting.

I restarted my art career in 2013, this time with acrylic paints on canvas. With this new medium I began specializing in landscapes and cloudscapes. I am inspired by the skies near our home and by painters whose work I promoted for galleries. Some of my favorites — Bernard Chaet, Woody Gwyn, Daniel Morper, Forrest Moses, and Sam Scott — were shown by my former employers at LewAllen Galleries.