Artist Statement


From Here to Eternity, 2016, 24″ x 48″

The wide vistas of New Mexico produce an amazing variety of skies: clear blue from zenith to horizon, piled high with marshmallow clouds, marbled with swirls of feathery translucence, lurid at sunset, transcendent with evening gradations of turquoise and lilac, purple with monsoon rains, illuminated by flashes of lightning. The whole dome of the sky is nearly always visible, and on many days a wide array of skies can be seen in 360-degree panorama.

I don’t think I will ever tire of painting skies. My aim is to see if I can create for others an experience that is near as possible to an experience of the sky itself. I am not happy with a painting until I find myself entranced by it. If it holds my gaze for a long time and I feel joy, peace or contentment – or sometimes wonder and awe – then I hope others will feel the same way.